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Police to arrest innocent Albert Square resident over Lucy’s death

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An upcoming twist in EastEnders will see Bobby Beale, quite literally, get away with murder. Soap bosses have revealed that another Albert Square resident will be arrested for Lucy’s murder, leaving 11-year-old Bobby to evade justice.

EastEnders’ executive producer, Dominic Treadwell-Collins, explained to the Mirror: “It is gut-wrenching how Jane is carrying the guilt of covering up what one of her children has done,” the producer said. “Jane is the one who has this terrible secret. Bobby doesn’t know the truth.”

Treadwell-Collins continued: “Viewers have seen Ian and Jane decide to keep it a secret, but this story will keep going on. What I can reveal is that someone else – an innocent person – will be arrested for this murder.

“Then carrying this guilty secret comes back to haunt Ian and Jane. How can you keep that a secret when someone else is facing jail for a murder they didn’t commit?

EastEnders continues tomorrow night at 8pm on BBC One.

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  • Daniel mcewan

    I want bobby go to prison where he belongs

    • Laura Friar

      Your not the only one Daniel

  • Henry

    I think that Bobby Beale will go to prison by now so Denny knows the truth it wasn’t max braning