Aleks Shirovs to propose to Roxy Mitchell

EBSP can today (March 10th) reveal that Aleks Shirovs is set to pop the question to his girlfriend, Roxy Mitchell, this spring.

Aleks and Roxy have been dating since mid 2014 but fans will know she betrayed him when she cheated on him with her brother-in-law, Charlie Cotton, last month.

Roxy his since been harbouring deep feelings for Charlie and the pair have decided their one-night-stand was a huge mistake.

EastEnders’ series producer, Sharon Batten, revealed the news on ITV’s This Morning:


Sharon Batten was promoted to EastEnders’ series producer in 2013 following the arrival of new executive producer, Dominic Treadwell-Collins, and has since been involved in plotting some of EastEnders’ biggest storylines – like the “Who Killed Lucy Beale?” storyline, which concluded last month.

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