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Dot Branning attends Jim Branning’s funeral in handcuffs

Dot and Jim © BBC
Dot and Jim

Dot Branning makes an emotional return to EastEnders next month as she says attends Jim Branning’s funeral to say a final goodbye to her husband. Jim will pass away off-screen in the coming weeks.

Jim made his final appearance on EastEnders in 2011 when Dot made the heartbreaking decision to send him to a nursing home. Meanwhile, Jim’s actor, John Bardon, died late last year and show bosses are planning a final tribute to the actor.

An EastEnders source said: “Jim’s funeral was always going to be emotional – a lot of the cast attended John’s funeral. They mourned John’s passing and Jim’s funeral was all about celebrating the iconic character he’d created.

“Everyone knows a Jim Branning. He was known for always wearing his flat cap, liking a tipple in the Queen Vic and being grumpy. But it was the love for his Dorothy and the partnership he created with June that no one on the soap will ever forget.”

Jim’s funeral was shot in London last week and is set to be screened in April.

Our source added: “Losing Jim so soon after Nick leaves Dot in pieces. At the funeral her family and friends urge her to get legal help. She needs to be back home with them all – not languishing in a prison cell.”

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