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James Bye on playing Martin: “Give me a chance”

EastEnders newcomer James Bye has spoken about his introduction to the BBC One soap and spoke candidly about his predecessor, James Alexandrou, in the role of Martin Fowler.

“Obviously he was on it for quite a long time, so fans who watch EastEnders are going to still see him and say, ‘that’s Martin Fowler’.

“I still see him as Martin Fowler. So I can understand that people are maybe upset, although that is probably a bit strong. All I ask is that they give me a chance.”

The EastEnders actor also praised Lindsey Coulson, who plays Carol Jackson – Martin’s mother-in-law.

He said: “All of the actors on EastEnders are great but some of them are amazing. I was saying before that one of my favourite actresses away from EastEnders, and in it, is Lindsey Coulson. I get to do quite a lot of stuff with her and she is brilliant.”

Speaking about Martin’s secret, which viewers will see revealed on screen next week, Bye added: “He does have a big secret and that definitely affects the Sonia and Rebecca situation.

“He is just a family man. He goes off the rails but he just wants to be back with Rebecca and have that 2.4 children relationship.”

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