EastEnders character to become a millionaire!

A new EastEnders storyline is set to begin in the coming months which will see a popular character scoop a seven-figure sum on a lottery scratch card.

While EBSP has decided to keep the lucky winner’s identity secret, we can reveal that they will make an attempt to buy the Queen Vic from landlord Mick Carter.

Our insider also revealed that the winner could also move to Australia, if their attempts to buy the Vic are unsuccessful.

A source said: “The winner has had their ups and downs but is a popular character. Viewers won’t begrudge them their good fortune.”

Who do you think is the lucky winner? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Tommy Giffen

  • Alisdair Connell

    Bet it will either be Alfie or Kat

  • Marc Frettsome

    Got to be Billy Mitchell

  • nikki

    I think its either Alfie or Kat.My feelings are pointing towards Alfie

  • Its alfie