Cindy Williams to flee Walford?!


EastEnders teen Cindy Williams Junior will decide to leave Walford next week to move back to Devon after another clash with Ian and Jane Beale.

In last night’s visit to Albert Square, viewers saw Cindy (Mimi Keene) struggle with parenthood, leading her to abandon her baby Beth in the middle of the park.

When Cindy tells Ian and Jane, they are left shocked and try hard to reach an agreement over her future in Walford.

However, when Cindy confides in Liam about her plans to flee Walford and move back to her former home with her Aunt Gina in Devon. Thus leading to Liam getting more and more worried about Cindy, so he decides to tell Jane.

Jane is shocked to discover Cindy’s plans and tries to confront her. But things turn sour when Cindy becomes aggressive and claims that Jane and Ian are using beth to replace Lucy.

Will Cindy really leave Walford!? Find out Friday, April 3rd at 8pm on BBC One.

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Tommy Giffen

  • James Lavelle

    if Cindy claims that Jane and Ian are using beth to replace Lucy. could this mean a turnaround and a breakthrough we have hoped for and will this mean she will stay in Albert square and start to be a mother to beth