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Character of the Week (1)

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This week’s character of the week is Donna Yates.

Although Donna was initially introduced as an ‘in-your-face loud mouth’, her character has massively developed over the past few months.

Upon her introduction, Donna was hated. But now that we are gaining an insight into Donna’s past and learning more about her family and disability, we’re beginning to love her.

Donna’s worked hard all her life and never taken charity from everyone, she’s had a difficult life, no doubt, but she’s a strong woman.

This week, we saw a possible romance developing between Donna and Arthur ‘Fatboy’ Chubb. Also, we met Donna’s foster mum, Claudette.

Lisa Hammond is a truly incredible actress. To going from so many people loathing your character to loving her, must’ve been a hard task.

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