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Charlie Brooks on possible EastEnders return

EastEnders’ historic live week saw the return of Tanya Cross, Christian Clarke, Peggy Mitchell and Kathy Beale, but Janine Butcher (played by Charlie Brooks) remained absent from Walford.

Brooks said: “I love the character. I’ve said that I would never say never. I think I’m really lucky – she’s very versatile. Maybe Janine will come back one day. At the moment I’m really enjoying theatre but never say never. Janine is so fun to play and so versatile, you can bomb-drop her anywhere and wait and see how big the explosion is. I quite like thinking about what she’s up to now. There’s always possibilities – as long as they want Janine!”

“I missed the EastEnders live week and big reveal because I was away snowboarding. I found out who killed Lucy on the slopes. When we got back I watched the live episode which was so good. The cast all did so well, I was really proud of them.

“It’s fantastic that Barry’s death, when Janine pushed him off the cliff, was one of the top EastEnders moments. It was a low point for Janine but a high point for me.

“And Kathy’s back! She looks really good too. My daughter said ‘She can’t be Ian’s mum, she looks younger than he does!’”

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