Jay Mitchell to become involved in Max and Phil’s feud

Jay Mitchell

Jay Mitchell will soon become caught up in the continuous feud between Phil Mitchell and Max Branning, according to reports.

Max Branning decides he wants to have Jay on his side during the ongoing fued, Jay soon becomes forced to chose sides in scenes set to air next week.  – but where will his loyalties lie?

When DC Emma Summerhayes was killed in a car crash on New Year’s Day, after Nick Cotton tampered with the breaks, Max was under the impression it was Phil who’d tampered with the breaks.

A mourning Max decided to get revenge whilst Phil was behind bars and decided to become the owner of the arches by tricking Ben Mitchell into signing the business over.

An insider told EastEnders Ultra: “Max is keen to use Jay as a possible weapon against Phil – he knows that numbers are very important to the Mitchells and their strength lies in their loyalties for one another. Phil is working hard to dig some dirt on Max and cause serious damage, but it remains to be seen just how far he will go…”

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