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Luisa Bradshaw-White: ‘I feel like I’ve been filming Stan’s death for months’

TIna 2

The Carter clan bid a painful farewell to dying patriarch Stan Carter, in scenes set to air next week.

Speaking exclusively to Inside Soap about Stan Carter’s death, Luisa Bradshaw-White, who plays Stan’s on-screen daughter Tina, said: “He does take a little while to pass away – I actually feel like I’ve been filming Stan’s death scenes for months. But Tim [West, who plays Stan] really liked lying in that bed all day. He had this blue make-up on to make him pale – he looked awful.”

“It’s quite nice, because it’s the first time you see Tina stepping up and being in charge. Mick and Shirley are busy rowing, so Tina’s taken over Stan’s care. She’s struggling with the prospect of losing him, because she really does love him”


The actress went on to describe Stan’s actual death: “Tina goes back to the Vic thinking that she’ll come in and see her dad again in the morning, but then he tragically dies that night.”

Bradshaw-White praised her on-screen-father, saying: “He’s a real gentleman, and such a lovely actor. He’s so easy to work with,” the star continued, “He writes all over his scripts – I think it’s just because he’s old! I didn’t go to dram school, so when I see people writing over their scripts I think they must know something that I don’t!”

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