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Maria Friedman: ‘Elaine will return’


Maria Friedman has confirmed her character, Elaine Peacock, will return to Albert Square. Elaine is the mother of established character Linda Carter.

Speaking on her twitter account, the actress wished newcomer Bonnie Langford – who has signed up for a guest role – good luck, writing: “@bonnielangford you’ll have the best time. Everyone is so kind at EE. I’m back after I open High Society at The Old Vic Theatre, come and see it.”

When EBSP asked for conformation whether or not Elaine would be back in the future, she wrote: “Yes, [I] just have to get my show open at The Old Vic Theatre.”

Elaine made her first appearance last year, when Queen Vic land-lord called her as he began to get more and more worried about Linda. Elaine returned on several occasions.

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