First look pictures at the aftermath of Stan’s death

The Carter family and Cora learn of Stan’s death and struggle to cope, next week on EastEnders.

With Stan no longer alive, the Carter’s find themselves falling apart, upset, and angry. Stan’s death triggers Mick to let out his anger again, as he throws a glass against the wall in anger.

Just as upset as the Carter’s is Cora, who rushes into the Queen Vic in fury as nobody informed her of Stan’s death, leading to further emotion.


Later on, the whole family realise that they need to celebrate Stan and his life with people who knew him. Mick, Linda, & Tina lead a toast in front of everybody in the pub, and raise a glass to Stan Carter.


Will Cora be able to forgive the Carter’s and will they cope with Stan’s death?

EastEnders airs these scenes on Monday 13th April 2015 on BBC One. 

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