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Rita Simons: ‘Roxy doesn’t love Aleks, she doesn’t even know what love is’

EastEnders star Rita Simons has revealed she thinks her alter-ego, Roxy Mitchell, no longer loves her boyfriend Aleks.

In scenes set to air next week, Aleks plan to propose to Roxy, however, it’s not long before the truth about her and Charlie Cotton’s one-night-stand is revealed.

Speaking to Inside Soap, Simons said: “Roxy feels terrible about her night with Charlie. Terrible! And for once in her life, she’s tried to pull back a little bit. But Roxy and Charlie has a lot of shared feelings, and that was their bond.

“Their lives are very similar at the moment, and they’re on the same page. But Charlie has been doing a lot of chasing, and Roxy’s so grief-stricken and insecure and pathetic that she just falls for it. It’s a comfort for her.”

The actress continued: “The writers say there are feelings between them. But I have a slightly different point of view, because I don’t think Roxy really knows what love is. Every man she falls for, she thinks he’s ‘the one’. So it’s hard to tell with her, but Charlie is a nice guy and she trusts him. She just doesn’t want to hear about his feelings for her right now.”

Simons also expressed doubt about her relationship with her current boyfriend: “Aleks is absolutely not right for Roxy – she doesn’t love him. She doesn’t even like him! But he has a pulse and a pretty place and some money, and that’s really al she cares about, because she’s always been left on the shelf.

“He came along, showed her attention and she settled, which is what Roxy always does. But with Charlie on the scene, Roxy thinks she should be with Aleks because it gets her out of the Charlie situation. So she’s kind of using Aleks, really.”

EastEnders continues tonight at 7.30pm on BBC One and BBC One HD.

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