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Scott Maslen on possible EastEnders return

Former EastEnders star Scott Maslen has revealed he turned down the chance to return to EastEnders.

The actor said he doesn’t want to go back to Albert Square so soon and admitted there is an element of commodity towards soap stars.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Maslen said: “They’ve asked me back and I’m lucky they’ve kept the door open. But I want to have a go at other stuff. When you do a show like EastEnders it takes a while for people to forget you did it.

He continued: “They associate you with it. I didn’t want to go back just 18 months after leaving. There is an element of snobbery with soaps. It means people in the industry don’t see you as an actor, they see you as a commodity.”


Maslen, who played Jack Branning for six years, continued to explain he initially joined the soap in order to “pay the bills”.

“There is always a catch in this industry,” he claimed. “In the kind of acting I’d like to do, people would look at EastEnders and say, ‘You don’t want to touch that’.

“But we’ve all got to pay the bills and work. When I made a deal to do EastEnders that was my choice for my own reasons – for my family, to get a house.”

These comments come after the actor revealed he misses the financial stability of the soap and the close friends he had on set.

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