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Denise Van Outen: ‘Karin knows how to manipulate men’

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EastEnders newcomer Denise Van Outen made an appearance on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ to speak about her EastEnders entrance today.

The actress said: “The opportunity for this character came along and I just though she’s a really fun character. If you’re going to go into a soap, you wanna go in and cause a little bit of trouble and get tongues wagging.

“She’s got history with Phil Mitchell but all will be revealed soon. She’s brought in by Phil and she’s looking for him to start off with and then she meets Max…

“She’s a strong woman and she knows exactly what she wants when she goes into the Square. She does ruffle some feathers. She knows how to manipulate the men, let’s just say.

“There’s some dodgy dealing going on, she’s got a fleet of motors as she’s a businesswoman. It’s a really fun part. To go into something like this, you want to have a really fun character.

“I love it, honestly. It has been so much fun, my first episode goes out tonight and i’m really excited about it.”

Max will fall for Karin’s charms…

Talking about her first scene she filmed which involved Karin and Max kissing, Denise laughed: “It was my first scene! I got the scripts and had a glance through and what an icebreaker!

“I watched Jake Wood on Strictly and I was a massive fan but I had never worked with him before, so my first scene I walk on set and I have to get it on and do my thing! I was like, ‘Hi! Nice to meet you!’.”

She added: “We had to have a discussion before about the rules because some people really like to go for it, some actors like to be authentic – with tongues!

“So you have a discussion about whether you include tongues and we decided there were no tongues involved! Actors have to have these conversations because they need to know whether it’s going to upset their partners. Obviously Jake is with someone and I am with someone, you wouldn’t want to see your partner slipping the tongue!”

EastEnders airs Karin Smart’s first scenes tonight at 7.30pm on BBC One and BBC One HD.

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