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Our character of the week is Karin Smart!

Karin Smart, played by Denise Van Outen, may have only been in EastEnders for just a few episodes, but she certainly made an impact! This week, we saw her become involved in Phil’s attempts to retrieve the Arches from Max, and also seduced him!

Overall, Van Outen received a positive response in the role and certainly created a lot of buzz. We hope that this will encourage executive producer, Dominic Treadwell-Collins, to bring back the character and develop her.

Karin could continue a fling with Max, become a business partner of Phil’s, or even a new barmaid in the Queen Vic! There’s so much more that we could find out about Karin Smart. To start, was Jay right when he said that her husband, Trevor, is dead?

Answer the poll below to tell us if you’d like to see more of Karin, and leave a comment that tells us what you’d like to see her do! Or if you don’t want to see her return to the Square, tell us why below!

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