Lord Sugar: ‘Adam Woodyatt deserves a Bafta’

Apprentice judge Lord Alan Sugar has praised EastEnders’ longest running cast member, Adam Woodyatt, by claiming he deserves a Bafta award.

The businessman told Radio Times: “I think Adam Woodyatt, who plays Ian Beale, is superb. He deserves a Bafta, particularly for his performance in the live shows. He’s an actor who doesn’t get enough plaudits.”

Speaking about EastEnders itself, Sugar revealed that he is a life-long fan of the flagship BBC soap.

When asked how long he has been a regular watcher of EastEnders, he revealed: “Ever since it started 30 years ago. I suppose it’s addictive.

He continued: “I watch it with my wife and she goes through phases of saying, “It’s getting stupid now,” but we all know that. It’s fiction, but it does portray certain East End characters accurately.”

The Apprentice judge also spoke about how he felt about the introduction of the Carter clan, saying: “Danny Dyer’s obviously a very popular character and he plays a reasonably good part.

“We had some banter on Twitter about it and he got a bit upset. I was saying he was useless, but I’ve obviously changed my mind since then.

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