EastEnders viewers slam ‘racist’ Shabnam Masood


Fans of EastEnders took to Twitter last night to object to the ‘racist’ stereotypes brought up by Muslim character Shabnam Masood.

In last night’s episode, Shabnam was trying to protest that Nancy Carter (Maddy Hill) isn’t the right woman for her brother Tamwar (played by Himesh Patel).

Shabnam claimed that the reason Masood’s relationships with Carol Jackson and Jane Beale failed was due to racial and religious differences. Shabnam also claimed that ‘white women’ treat men in a certain way.

Fans took to Twitter to disapprove of Shabnam’s remarks:

This, however, isn’t the first time Shabnam has caused controversy. When she made her return to Albert Square last year, she told Masood it wasn’t right he was with a white woman (Carol).

EastEnders responded to the complaints last year, saying: “EastEnders has a rich history of tackling social issues. The show does not advocate racism or intolerance in any way; in fact it seeks to challenge these negative views.”

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Tommy Giffen

  • I like eastenders

  • kat rainbird

    It’s not even a big deal, I’m white I took literally no offence I didn’t even give it a second though an tell now, who really cares, people make big issues out of everything it isn’t even real, you people need to stop taking things so seriously your all acting as if you just watched the BBC news ahahaha, this is jokes

    • felicia

      I agree it’s a way of life racism is everywhere……its just showing us on TV everyday life. It’s teaching us not become what we see on TV and how ugly racism is. It’s there between back white and Asian people. Small minded thinking is also a problem in this world. Small minded thinkers are so apparent that people a slamming eastenders. Think out of the box people. Gosh tut tut tut

  • shabnab should not take the moral road ;ie slept with dean ad baby left on doorstep….get my drift.hipacritaical comes to mind,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,people should not judge others,,look at them selves first..we all make mistakes so get on with it and live yer livesxxxxx

  • ruksana

    You do know that she is an actress so is only reading out her lines as they have been written by the scriptwriter. Besides, it’s a soap guys, none of this is real!

  • Dave Humphrey

    What if it had been David Wickes saying to Carol i dont want you to be with Masood because he’s black all hell would break loose and Watchdog would have been all over it the first time. Why should reglious person get away with making racist comments. But when if a white person all hell breaks loose what about Equal opportunity.