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Character of the Week (3)


Our character of the week is Aleks Shirovs!

Aleks Shirovs, played by Kristian Kiehling, had a great week in our opinion! This week, we saw him propose to Roxy Mitchell, uncover Charlie & Roxy’s secret, and found out his secret; stealing money from the market, resulting in Tamwar reporting him to the council, then police!

However, this week didn’t end up great for the character as by the end of Thursday’s episode, Aleks had left. Overall, Aleks had a big, exciting final week which resulted in a fairly unusual exit, with him now with his Latvian wife and daughter, hiding from the police.

Aleks’ doof doof on Tuesday night may be the main reason why he’s our character of the week! We saw him proposing to Roxy, and said the line “How long have you been sleeping with your sister’s husband?”. This awkwardly amazing doof doof will be one of those classic ones to remember!

We think that Kristian Kiehling played the role of Aleks excellently, and we went from hating to loving the character in just over a year! He originally came in as a tough market inspector who wanted to shut it down, but his relationship with Roxy and his secret family just made us love him as his character developed!

I think we’ll miss him on the Square, but a return is always possible. Who knows? Mr Lister could always return as the market inspector!

Answer the poll below to tell us if you’re going to miss Aleks, or if you won’t miss him, tell us why below!

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