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‘I’d never say never to Aleks return’, says Kristian Kiehling


Walford’s Latvian market inspector Aleks Shirovs fled Walford in last night’s episode of EastEnders after his double dealing was discovered by Tamwar Masood.

When asked whether or not he would consider a return in the future, Kiehling said: “Well, I’d never say never, It was, in fact, hinted that I would always be welcomed back,” he told Radio Times.

“And naturally it would be an honour, should I ever get an invitation for a return. At this point, I want to say thank you to the brilliant team of writers, who gave me great material to work with time and time again.”

The actor praised his Rita Simons, who plays Roxy Mitchell: “Rita was a great on-screen partner and made me laugh a lot in between scenes. With Rita and Sam Womack together on set, I had a hell of a time keeping a straight face.

“But I will also miss lovely Gledisa, who played my daughter in the show and also little Abbie Knowles, who plays Roxy’s daughter Amy. They were so incredibly talented and lovely to work with. It made me think that it’s high time I should have my own kids in real life!”

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