Shirley Carter discovers Dean has a child


Shirley Carter is to receive a shock in the coming weeks, EESpy can reveal.

As viewers found out in January, Shabnam Masood has a secret baby and Dean is the father!

We can now reveal, that Dean’s finds out about the result of his night with Shabnam, and informs his mum, Shirley! He then gets his mum to track down his child, which she does at all lengths.

Pictures show Shirley barging through the home which she believes her granddaughter lives at, but is then thrown out after a heated row with the girl’s foster dad!

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However, Shirley and Dean aren’t the only ones on the mission. Shabnam’s father, Masood, along with Jane have also been seen outside the house of the child.

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An EastEnders source has said, “That baby is half Masood and half Carter. Shabnam has kept her secret all these years but something is going to happen that makes her break down and confess”.

It hasn’t been revealed what the results of these actions will be, but we do know that both the Carters and Masoods want to bring this girl home to Walford.

EastEnders airs these shocking scenes next month.

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