Secret stash discovered!

Two characters make a shocking discovery, next week on EastEnders. 

Lee Carter (Danny Boy Hatchard) is surprised when Whitney (Shona McGarty) presents him with a stash of money.


Viewers know that Stan (Timothy West) is now “saving a seat” for Patrick in that pub in the sky, but it seems he may have left a few secrets behind for the Carter’s to unravel when Whitney discovers a wad of cash stuffed in the cushions of Stan’s old chair and gives it to Lee.

Just how much cash was Stan sitting on, and did he actually put it there? What will Lee do with the money?


EastEnders airs these scenes on Tuesday, April 28th on BBC One and BBC One HD.

About the author

Melissa Berry

An EastEnders fan since the very first episode, Melissa has had the privilege to visit the EastEnders set twice (not many fans can say that!) and met many of the cast. She also appeared on EastEnders Revealed: Angie & Me, with Anita Dobson!