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Father Ted star made EastEnders bosses remove tea references

Yvonne Cotton

As the viewing public celebrates the 20th anniversary of the series “Father Ted”- Pauline McLynn, who played the iconic Mrs Doyle, and more recently Yvonne Cotton in EastEnders, has told the Irish Mirror she remembers “not being able to offer anyone tea for nearly 20 years”. 

“I’ll ask them would they like something to drink, but I can’t say ‘will you have a cup of tea?’ because it’s Mrs Doyle’s phrase.”

In the recent interview with RTE Radio One, Pauline McLynn spoke on the John Murray Show regarding her role as Yvonne Cotton in EastEnders and revealed she didn’t want Yvonne to ask anyone if they wanted a cup of tea, due to it being Mrs Doyle’s famous catchphrase.

“Recently on EastEnders, I had cause to give people tea in a time of crisis, and I said to them; can we just take out any vocal offer of it, and I’ll just put the tea in front of them” .

She told listeners that she was “glad to come in with a tray and teacups and everything on it” and that “when it hit social media, people thought she did it as a nod to Ted”  but she didn’t. McLynn said “It was just in the script and I just wanted to soften it a little, so people could move on.”

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