‘New Kathy Beale scenes to air soon’, says EastEnders boss

EastEnders boss Dominic Treadwell-Collins has revealed that viewers are about see more of Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth), ahead of her full-time return later this year.

Treadwell-Collins told Radio Times:  “We’ve storylined her return properly. You’ll see a flash of Kathy again fairly soon and then boom! She’s already filmed her next little tease”

© BBC / Kieron McCarron
© BBC / Kieron McCarron

Kathy Beale made a shocking return to EastEnders during the soap’s historic ‘Live Week’ back in February, almost a decade after she was believed to have died in a car crash.

Kathy’s return scene saw the iconic character stepping out of a black cab to meet her ex-flame Phil Mitchell, before leaving again. However, it was revealed she would be making a permanent return later in the year.

“I still feel edgy about it all. We were very careful about doing it. I would only have done it if we had a proper storyline to bring her back. I wouldn’t have done it just for the sake of that week.”


Treadwell-Collins also revealed Adam Woodyatt is yet to film a reunion scene with his on-screen-mother, Kathy.

“That’s what you’re waiting for! We know that there was a Gavin that she went off with. It’s a big, big story with a lot of twists and turns, as you’ve come to expect from us. There’s Gavin, Kathy and there’s a lot of Phil involved.

“It’s going to draw in lots of different families from around the Square and it’s not going to be easy for her to come back.”

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