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Our character of the week is Cora Cross!

Cora Cross, played by Ann Mitchell, may not have been the character at the centre this week, however we loved all of her scenes! This week, we saw her visit Dot in prison to persuade her to go to Jim’s funeral, prepare to leave Walford to stay with Tanya, and told Aunt Babe what she really thinks of her!

At the start of the week, we absolutely loved the scene between Dot and Cora in the prison. While we may not have agreed with everything that Cora had to say, both characters were both strong and showed their history between each other and the rest of the Branning family. It also made a nice change as we saw Dot being truthful and firm, instead of the frail character we’ve been seeing lately.

Cora standing up to the Carter family (mainly because of Aunt Babe’s manipulation) was also great to see, as we got to see how much she really did care for Stan. Towards the end of the week, we then saw Cora reveal some home truths to Babe. We love feisty Cora!

Lastly, it was great to see a scene between Max and Cora. Viewers know that the pair have never been great friends, due to his eventful relationship with Tanya, and it was great to see the pair interact. Cora seemingly gave another piece of advice as she did all week!

We hope that isn’t the last we see of Cora, as we last saw her walking off after Tanya didn’t answer the phone.

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