Embarrassment for Ian and Jane!

Jane and Ian Beale are in an awkward situation, next week on EastEnders. 

As viewers know, the Beales wish to adopt Cindy’s daughter, Beth, as she struggled with the drastic change of becoming a parent.

An official meeting takes place over the custody of Beth next week, with the Beales feeling confident and prepared.


However, during the meeting with the social worker, something unexpected occurs, leaving Ian and Jane feeling embarrassed.

What happened at the meeting?

EastEnders airs these scenes on Thursday 7th May on BBC One. 

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Alfie Sheldon

  • Jas May

    By the look of the social worker, Jane & Ian have just realised it’s Lisa (the one who shot Phil and married Mark Fowler)

  • etonni

    Maybe they catch Cindy and Liam playing one one again.

    • EastEnders Spy

      Perhaps, but Cindy is sitting in the chair next to the social worker, right?