Richard Blackwood reveals Vincent’s on-screen-family!

© Matt Sprake
© Matt Sprake

EastEnders newcomer has revealed his on-screen-family, while also teasing his new character is your ‘best friend and your worst enemy’,

The mysterious Vincent Hubbard arrives back in Albert Square once again, to visit his estranged wife Kim Fox. Also, Vincent shares a past with Ronnie, which was somehow cut short by bad-boy Carl White in Winter 2013 – it’s complicated!

Vincent Hubbard’s mother has now emerged to be Claudette, whilst his sister is Donna Yates – the adoptive daughter of Claudette, EESpy understands.

Speaking exclusively to Inside Soap between takes on his new on-screen-family, Blackwood said: “I love it. Lisa [Hammond] and I already act like brother and sister on set. We’re always punching each other! Lisa is such a brilliant actress, and she plays it so natural. She’s a crazy girl, and she’s lovely to work with.

“I have known Ellen for a while, but when you end up working so closely with someone, it’s not a given you’ll get on. I was nervous about that, to be honest, but the EastEnders cast is the most humble I’ve met, even though they’re so famous. I doubt anybody working here would say they had a bad time.”

When asked whether viewers should be wary of Vincent, the actor said: “I would say he’s your best friend and your worst enemy. He’s got dark traits because he’s grown up a certain way, and had to become tough to survive on the street.

“He’s a 21st century villain – he’s not bad all the time, but he’s prepared to take things further than a normal person would, that’s what sets him apart. He’s got morals, but life’s tougher for him as he’s had to survive.”

On the relationship between Kim and Vincent, Blackwood said: “They are [a good match]! They’re both quite impulsive, that’s what brought them together. Kim likes that Vincent’s a bit rebellious, but he’s also a go-getter, a man’s man – and she has to be with a man able to stand up to her.

“The flipside is, Kim won’t tolerate his nonsense, and isn’t afraid to tell him! Vincent finds it exciting that his partner will let him have it if he steps out of line.”

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