Who is Kat Moon’s mystery son!?


EastEnders aired another shock twist tonight in EastEnders when it emerged that Kat Moon gave birth to two children following her rape at the hands of her uncle Harry.

Viewers have been led to believe that Kat only gave birth to Zoe Slater back in 1984 but Sister Ruth (June Whitfield) revealed Kat actually gave birth to one girl and one boy.

While the identity of Kat’s eldest son is currently unknown, many twitter users have began speculating whether or not Sean Slater is Kat’s son – since the episode also focused on Stacey having a Skype call with him:


Nevertheless, some users had other ideas:

Who do you think Kat’s mystery eldest son is?! Let us know in the comments below.

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Tommy Giffen

  • it be someone we least expect to be!

  • Catherine Downey

    I also think Sean is Kat’s son

  • linda

    Sean isn’t much older than Stacey