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Our character of the week is Kat Moon!

Kat Moon, played by Jessie Wallace, had a big week!  This week, we saw her trying to settle back into normal life, battling with her feelings for Alfie, sharing an awkward encounter with Max Branning, and visiting a convent to face her demons!

Jessie Wallace was amazing this week, from beginning to end! After Kat says no to Max, she sobbed in Alfie’s arms and claimed that she was broken and won’t ever change. This was the moment we realised that the next 2 episodes of the week were going to be fantastic – Kat’s finally revisiting her past!

© BBC / Kieron McCarron
© BBC / Kieron McCarron

Unfortunately, Alfie was too stupid to see that Kat still loves him, causing Kat to once again breakdown. But have no fear, she didn’t wallow in self pity, instead visited a convent. Now these were the scenes that we loved…

When we found out that it was going to be a Slater-centric episode, we knew it would be amazing! But on top of this, we were also teased all day by insiders, claiming that there’d be a massive twist! PLUS, the amazing June Whitfield was guest starring… This episode certainly didn’t disappoint!

Wallace played the role perfectly as she reminisced and discussed the night she gave birth to Zoe, with Sister Ruth. She spoke about her past with her family, her rape, and the other men in her live. This was a treat for us long-time viewers, but also informed new viewers.

The episode culminated with Kat visiting Walford police station as she made a statement about Uncle Harry raping her, and also Sister Ruth made a revelation! Kat didn’t just give birth to Zoe that night, she also gave birth to a boy…

Who is Kat’s secret son and will she find him?

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