First look pictures: Buster Briggs outs Aunt Babe

Last week, a brick was hurled through the window at Blades whilst Dean, his family and friends were celebrating his release from prison.  However, it soon became apparent that Babe Smith was the one responsible for the attack – having hired a mysterious man to throw a brick through the window.

In scenes set to air tonight at 8pm, Babe, trying to manipulate the Carters, arrives at the Vic with a freshly prepared trifle.




Despite Babe’s plans, Buster – Dean’s biological father – soon learns of Babe’s wrongdoing and that she was responsible for the window of Blades smashing.

Buster, bursting into the family gathering, decides to confront twisted Aunt Babe. Nevertheless, he soon looses his temper and grabs her trifle and dumps it over her head.


Aunt Babe and Buster Briggs 2

How will Babe and the Carters react to Buster’s shock outburst? 

Recently, EastEnders executive producer, Dominic Treadwell-Collins, teased that viewers may not necessarily be happy with the conclusion to the Dean and Linda storyline.

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Tommy Giffen

  • Dean

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for someone to stick a trifle in Babe’s face for too long…

    • EastEnders Spy

      Haven’t we all!?