Dean thinks he’s the father of Linda’s baby

Dean thinks that he’s the father of Linda’s baby after she gives birth, next week on EastEnders.

As news of the birth spreads around the Square, Shirley, Buster and Dean find out so Dean visits the hospital.

With Mick and Dean both potentially being the father, he looks through the door at the baby lying in the incubator.


Back on the Square, he meets with his parents, Shirley and Buster, in the cafe. He tells them that he’s sure that he’s the child’s father, and doesn’t know what to do.


Dean once again visits the hospital, with a teddy in his hand for the baby. While visiting, he confronts Linda about the situation and tells her what he thinks about the baby.


Is Dean the father?

EastEnders airs these scenes on Tuesday 12th May, Thursday 14th May and Friday 15th May on BBC One.

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Alfie Sheldon

  • Joshua

    A part of me wants it to be Dean – just for all the drama. But another (huge) part of me wants it to be Mick. Arrrghh!

  • Patricia Edwards

    I’m hoping it’s Mick’s.

    • EastEnders Spy

      Us too, the poor family has been through so much the past year!

  • Emma Kirk

    I don’t think it will be Dean’s baby, as the Shabnam secret daughter stuff starts to be revealed soon.