Fat Elvis makes his on-screen EastEnders debut

EastEnders fans were treated to yet another surprise under the reign of Dominic Treadwell-Collins tonight, as Fat Elvis finally made an appearance. 

Fat Elvis has been mentioned on EastEnders for over ten years but has remained an unseen character, until tonight’s episode.

At Kat and Alfie’s leaving party, Mo Harris revealed to her friends and family that her and Fat Elvis plan to marry.

© BBC / Screengrab
© BBC / Screengrab

Moments later, ‘Fat Elvis’ walked into the Vic, played by former BBC The Voice contestant Shenton Dixon.

© BBC / Screengrab
© BBC / Screengrab


Some fans on Twitter were just confused:

Whereas others were a little too happy:

And one fan began to look into it a little too much:


However, the response on Twitter was mostly positive, with ‘Fat Elvis’ trending #2 in the United Kingdom:


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