Linda Carter issues Shirley a warning

EastEnders landlady Linda Carter issues her sister-in-law Shirley a fresh warning next week – she doesn’t want her near her newborn son, Ollie.

Linda, who was raped late last year, was unsure whether or not her rapist, Dean, was the baby’s father, however, last month it was revealed her partner, Mick, was the biological father.

Following on from the good news, Linda decided she wanted a fresh start, without the fear of Dean.

Shirley, however, remains adamant to see her grandson and when she spots Linda entering the Queen Vic, she approaches her.

© BBC / Jack Barnes
© BBC / Jack Barnes

When Shirley enquires about seeing Ollie, Linda tells her she doesn’t want her anywhere near her son.

© BBC / Jack Barnes
© BBC / Jack Barnes

EastEnders airs these scenes on Friday, 12th June at at 8pm on BBC One and BBC One HD.

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