EastEnders star reacts to ‘upsetting’ gay kiss reaction

EastEnders star Harry Reid, who plays Ben Mitchell, has reacted to the negative social media reaction following a gay kiss featuring Ben.

In last night’s episode of EastEnders, Paul Coker (played by Jonny Labey) arrived in Walford and quickly became attracted to Ben. Shortly after, the pair soon shared a passionate snog.

Paul sits with Ben at the park, moments before the kiss.



Paul and Ben kiss each other.

“It’s upsetting to read the negative tweets about the gay kiss in last night’s episode of @bbceastenders,” the actor wrote. “I only want to ask one question. Would you of called Ronnie Kray disgusting? #whatwouldronniesay”.

Reid is referring to the man in the picture below – Ronnie Kray, an EastEnd ganster who was openly gay.


Dominic Treadwell-Collins, the executive producer of EastEnders, responded to a tabloid report on the social media reaction, writing: “Very very sad. It’s 2015, people.”

EastEnders continues Thursday night at 7.30pm on BBC One and BBC One HD.

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