Nick Cotton is *finally* laid to rest

During “Live Week” this past February, viewers watched as Nasty Nick’s lifeless body was discovered in the burnt out remains of 23 Albert Square.

Since then, we have seen poor Dot languishing in prison after she was convicted of killing him- a crime she didn’t commit; but one she feels she must pay for by serving time.

The residents of Walford have carried on and with Dot’s trial having come to an end; we are finally set to see Nick laid to rest-for real this time!

There is sure to be more heartbreak in store for Dot with her son’s funeral service coming so close behind laying her beloved Jim to rest just weeks ago.

© BBC / Kieron McCarron
© BBC / Kieron McCarron

Charlie and Roxy wait for Nick’s coffin to be carried out.

© BBC / Kieron McCarron
© BBC / Kieron McCarron

Charlie and Roxy watch as Nick’s coffin is carried out.

Will Walford’s favourite pensioner be allowed to attend the services as she was for her late husband? Or will she refuse to go?

© BBC / Kieron McCarron
© BBC / Kieron McCarron

Nick’s coffin is carried to the crematorium.

EastEnders airs these scenes Monday, 8th June at 8pm on BBC One and BBC One HD.

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