Danielle Harold leaves Lola Pearce role


After fours years on the BBC soap, Danielle Harold will be leaving her role as Lola Pearce.

Harold will film her final scenes later in the year, once she has reached the end of her contract. However, it’s been reported that EastEnders bosses will leave the door open for the character to potentially return at some point.

Speaking to Danielle Harold, she said: “I’ve had the most amazing time at EastEnders having been involved in some exciting storylines, including give birth in a live scene. I’ll miss everyone here and am looking forward to the future.” 

Executive producer, Dominic Treadwell-Collins also said: “We all love Danielle and she and Lola have been a big part of EastEnders over the past four years. Danielle is a fantastic actress and I genuinely look forward to seeing her shine in future roles away from the Square.”

Lola’s exit storyline is currently unknown, but it will form part of a bigger storyline for the Mitchell family. Will Lola leave with her daughter, Lexi?

Her final scenes are expected to air later this year.

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Alfie Sheldon

  • Spencer Thorpe

    I think for Lola to leave it has to be something big, something like Ben gets close to lexi and phill realiaes and tells him to fight in court. Lola gets scared and is worried that her baby will get removed from her custody. She runs gets court andgets arrested for kidnap under the eyes of the law. Goes to jail baby stays with Phil, Sharon and Ben till she returns after sentence……
    Spencer Thorpe