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Gillian Taylforth and Paul Nicholas film new Kathy and Gavin scenes

The BBC has today (June 20th) released brand new behind-the-scenes pictures of Gillian Taylforth and Paul Nicholas filming Kathy Sullivan’s return scenes.

In scenes set to air in August, the pair were seen shooting new scenes at King’s Cross station in London.

© BBC / Jack Barnes
© BBC / Jack Barnes
© BBC / Jack Barnes
© BBC / Jack Barnes

A show statement also teased: “Kathy will be back in Albert Square this autumn, but just what exactly are she and old flame Phil hiding? Where have Kathy and Gavin been? And why is Gavin being kept in the dark?”

Fans can certainly expect exciting scenes ahead later this year for both the Mitchells and Beales alike…

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Tommy Giffen

  • Ditzzeechick

    they need to explain who these people are, if you haven’t been watching for 20 years you’re clueless as to who these characters are and why they are important. Who’s the other guy they announced this week to show up at Carols place? who is he?