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How to get signed EastEnders cast autographs

© EastEnders Spy / Tommy Giffen
© EastEnders Spy / Tommy Giffen

For a long time now, EastEnders has provided fans with free autographs, if requested. Yet some fans are still unaware how.

It’s actually surprising simple to get an autograph. Firstly, you pick your actor(s). Write a few sentences to that particular actor. Put your letter inside an envelope and, included in the envelope, a self-addressed envelope so they can reply.

Whilst the official EastEnders site doesn’t mention you needing a SAE envelope, I spoke to Danny-boy Hatchard, who plays Lee Carter, and he said: “It’s depends on the actor, I always write back. An addressed envelope is preferred but [it] doesn’t need to be stamped.”

Once you’ve put your letter to your letter(s) inside an envelope (you can put them all in one envelope to save on postage) and write the following address on the front:

BBC Elstree Centre

Clarendon Road



A couple of things you should know…

The response times can vary dramatically, depending on the actor’s filming schedule. From my personal experience, I’ve sent off for Danny Dyer and Kellie Bright multiple times, with no response. However, just last week I sent off for Kellie again and got a very quick response within 3 days, to my shock.

It’s actually possible to get autographs from recently departed characters, too. Anna Acton, who played DC Emma Summerhayes, confirmed on Twitter in March this year that she was still signing autographs sent to the EastEnders address, however, it’s unlikely now, six months after her on-screen death, that she’s still signing them.

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  • Patrick Clohessy

    Letitia Dean never answers any fanmail or Samantha Womack.

    • EastEnders Spy

      Really? That’s strange, I sent away for Letitia a few years ago and got a very fast response. Perhaps she stopped doing it now? Thanks for letting us know. I’ve sent away for Sam too, but no response (yet).

    • UKLisaW

      I have written to pretty much all the cast and have not had a reply from Letitia or Sam either. I live in hope! Kellie Bright took over a year to reply.

    • Melissa Berry

      I have also gotten autographs from Tish–both when I lived in York and while here in the States! Keep hoping!!! Sometimes it takes months!

  • nickeya evans

    I wish I could have an autograph, but I’m stateside. Darn! Oh, how I love my EE! Can’t live without my shows.

    • EastEnders Spy

      Awh, that’s a shame! One of our writers, Melissa, is in America and gets autographs, I think. Not too sure how!

      • nickeya evans

        Possibly, because she has a big part in the N.C. fan based EE club. Well I will ask her. It never hurts to ask. Maybe I will figure out the cost of prepaid postage from there to here. .yikes! Anyway thanks for your response.

  • Melissa Berry

    Nickea, You can still get an autograph. But since we are in the States, we can’t include a pre-stamped envelope (Ours wouldn’t work from England). I just make sure I write a very nice letter to them, not just the request. I tell them about PBS, about our fan club and about myself as a fan. It works! Trust me! Mel

    • nickeya evans

      Thank you Melissa! I appreciate it. ☺ I have never tried to get an autograph I’m my life. Lol There is a first for everything.

  • Melissa Berry

    I have never gotten Sams autograph either, nor Danny Dyers. But i have heard that Danny won’t reply to his US mail tho-whether this is true or just a rumour, I don’t know.

  • Stephanie

    To max How are you doing I am your fan called Stephanie Harris Louise