Stacey Branning to fall pregnant

Scenes airing next month will see Stacey Branning discover that she is pregnant, after romancing with both Martin Fowler and Kush Kazemi.


While we’ve most recently seen Stacey end her relationship with Martin, she soon changes her mind and decides to attempt their relationship once again.

Stacey then finds out that she’s pregnant, complicating things much more. We can only presume that Martin is the father, as herself and Kush have only been tempted as far as a kiss, for now.

This news follows after tonight’s shock that her best friend and Kush’s fiancée, Shabnam Masood is pregnant.

EastEnders’ summer looks as if it’s going to be an eventful one!

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Alfie Sheldon

  • Ditzzeechick

    I dislike kids on soaps, it rarely works. What planet are these women boinking on? Is the UK condom free? No BC pills allowed? I want a few of them to get STD’s instead of knocked up with kids they’ll poorly parent.