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Lee Carter to suffer from depression in a new hard-hitting storyline

© BBC / Jack Barnes
© BBC / Jack Barnes

EastEnders is set to begin a brand new hard-hitting storyline this Summer when Lee Carter is diagnosed with depression.

The flagship BBC soap has teamed up with Mind to plan the storyline to perfection.

In scenes to air this July, viewers will see Lee find day-t0-day life more and more difficult. Initially, Lee’s sister, Nancy, is the only one in the Carter clan to notice something isn’t right. However, Lee decides to keep his depression a secret from his parents.

Speaking to the press, Danny-boy Hatchard, who plays Lee, said: “It won’t be a post traumatic stress disorder storyline, but just a general depression storyline. A lot of people will assume that it will just be based around a young man’s depression, but I think depression on a whole affects everybody at some point in their life. This is more appealing to me as an actor as opposed to a post traumatic stress plot, which I think was the generic idea to go for. This is a good, solid storyline.”

When quizzed about Lee’s relationship with Whitney, Hatchard said: “It is going to make them stronger. Whitney knows something isn’t right. What Lee has always wanted in a relationship is what his mum and dad have and for him to have that, he knows he needs to confide in Whitney.

“Therefore, Whitney does push and push and because she is persistent, he eventually gives in and lets her know. He only gives away so much to her initially. Over time, like the audience, Whitney will begin to discover more and more layers to Lee, like an onion. That is why this story will escalate into the late future. It is going to go on for a while.”

The storyline is set to begin next month and will run for the foreseeable future.

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