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EastEnders stars film Cora Cross return scenes on-location

New pictures of Ann Mitchell, who plays Cora Cross, and Lorna Fitzgerald, who plays Cora’s grand-daughter Abi, have emerged showing the pair filming scenes (in the hot British heat-wave weather) on-location with various other cast members.

Cora Cross left Albert Square in April, following on from her fiancé’s death. Whilst viewers initially believed that Cora went off to live with her daughter, Tanya, it was revealed last month that Cora has actually been living on the streets.

In these brand new behind the scenes images, Jane Beale (played by Laurie Brett) and Lindsey Coulson (who plays Cara) are seen taking Abi Branning to find her grandmother.

Cora is seen hurrying off in a rush away from Abi, after appearing to have a small argument with the Albert Square residents.

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    Too bad that Stan didn’t leave Cora anything.