Stacey reveals her pregnancy

As previously reported, Stacey Branning is to fall pregnant and this is to be revealed, next week on EastEnders.

As viewers know, Shabnam Masood is 5 months pregnant with Kush’s baby so best friend Stacey decides to help her prepare for childbirth.

Stacey begins by accompanying a slightly more reluctant Shabnam to Muriel’s pregnancy group at the community centre.


However, the biggest shock for Shabnam isn’t the antenatal exercises that she has to do, but Stacey reveals to her that she is pregnant too!


A shocked but pleased Shabnam soon wants to know more details, so demands and discusses more details with her best friend.

What more will Stacey reveal?

EastEnders airs these scenes on Monday 13th July on BBC One.

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