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EastEnders Episode Review: July 17th 2015

Last night’s ‘doof-doof’ saw Phil Mitchell answer a knock at the door from his old enemy DCI Jill Marsden-leaving all of us wondering if he was going to be the innocent person arrested for Lucy Beale’s murder. Rob Gittens has always been one of my favourite EastEnders writers and this double barrel did not disappoint.

In tonight’s episode we discovered that instead of Phil being the one she was interested in, Ben was now the prime suspect!  What a twist!

After slamming the door in Marsdens face, Phil makes a frantic phone call to Ben that goes unanswered. He then calls Jay and asks him to find Ben and to keep him away from the house and to get him out of the Square if he can.  After Sharon confirms that the cops have the flat surrounded, Phil opens the door just as the police are about to break it down.  (Who else wanted that officer to fall on his face-just for a bit of comedy?) Phil feigns playing nice and invites Marsden & Keeble in for tea and stale custard creams. Little Denny must have been locked in a cupboard upstairs, as per usual.  Marsden was unfazed by Phil’s lazy attempts at chit chat and being the perfect host while Keeble voiced what we all knew–that being there was a total waste of police time.


Across the Square there was another crisis unfolding.   Jay has to bail on Lola’s ‘cut & colour’ and runs off in search of Ben. Lola then tries to convince Billy that his barnet is a throw back to the 70’s and is in desperate need of an update.  You have to give to to her-at least she is TRYING to keep her job at Blades.

Pam has tricked Paul in to doing his cut & colour — on a corpse!  She has decided that if Paul gets used to being involved in the business that ‘Coker & Grandson’ will be a family legacy for generations to come. Little did anyone know that while Phil was desperately trying to find Ben, his son was cavorting with Paul in the back room of the funeral parlour. Nothing like a dead Mrs. Birch to set the mood for a love tryst. When Pam decides to check on Paul’s progress, Les innocently remarks to knock before going in so as ‘not to put him off his stroke’.  Good one, Les!

Meanwhile, Abi confronts Max in the cafe over how he treats Ben.  Carol later tells her brother that he has some bridges to build to get his daughter back.  He later appeases Abi by agreeing to apologise to her boyfriend even tho ‘he is a toe-rag’.

With Phil on the phone to Jay, Sharon sneaks out and heads straight to the Beale’s. As Jane and Cindy sit calmly on the sofa-she tells Ian that the police are looking for Ben.  While Sharon wonders if there is any truth to the rumours of Ben’s involvement-Ian protests (a bit too over enthusiastically, we might add!) that Ben had NOTHING to do with Lucy’s murder as Jane shoots mental daggers trying to get him to shut up.

Bobby-perched on the stairs, overhears everything and after Sharon leaves he asks if Ben did something to Lucy. Jane and Cindy convince him otherwise, and Bobby tells them that he just wants to know who did it and that he wants to feel safe again. The poor mite really doesn’t have a clue!

Next comes the moment that Ben is spotted by DCI Marsden in the Square.  What follows is a mad dash through alleyways that most of us never knew existed!  Ben is cuffed and read his rights as Ian, Jane, Phil, Abi, Max and the rest of Walford look on.


Jane returns to the house and when Ian walks in he sees that she is holding Lucy’s phone and wallet that she had hid under the floorboards unbeknownst to him.

Then came this evening’s ‘doof-doof’.  Ian is shocked as Janes asks “What if the police have got it right?” and we are left with yet another twist in the 15 month old murder mystery!

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Melissa Berry

An EastEnders fan since the very first episode, Melissa has had the privilege to visit the EastEnders set twice (not many fans can say that!) and met many of the cast. She also appeared on EastEnders Revealed: Angie & Me, with Anita Dobson!

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