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EastEnders Episode Review: July 20th 2015

I’ve been biting my nails in anticipation since Friday evening.  The horrible truth about the internet is that if you don’t stay away from it-you read things; you see things; and your mind races in 20 different directions!  For a 30 year EastEnders addict – this is powerful stuff!  I’m in league with others who have said the past few eps have been right up there with the live episodes in February.

So, I spent all weekend wondering just what Jane was referring to when Friday’s episode ended.

We all know that Jane’s ‘insurance policies’ are going to be more of a hindrance than a help. She should have left them under the floorboards and forgotten about them, AGAIN . Just as the Beale’s are trying to hide Lucy’s belongings from the all seeing and hearing, little Bobby- who should roll up but Sharon, Jay, Billy and Lola with the news that Ben actually mugged Lucy the night she died and it was Jay who buried Lucy’s things in the allotments.


Oh Jay, you mean well-but try to keep your nose clean, would ya?  You should know by now that hanging out with Ben means bad things are just waiting to happen.

While ‘the filth’ were busy turning ‘Mr. Mitchells’  flat upside down looking for new evidence, Ian meets Sharon in the cafe to continue talking strategy.  By the time the conversation has ended, Sharon is thinking it could really have been Ben and Ian is thinking that the idea that having Ben, who is already ‘damaged’ go down for a crime he ‘might’ have committed is a much better idea than having his youngest ‘damaged’ by actually being considered a suspect.


Meanwhile, Solicitor Scott has arrived at Walford Nick and barges in to set Detective Chief Inspector Marsdon straight on interrogation proceedings and following the letter of the law.  Probably something Marsden didn’t want to hear a SECOND time as Keeble had already reminded her of the rules and regulations minutes before.

“Who did what and when?”  is still the topic of the day at the Beale house. After talking to Cindy, (and with Bobby’s ear firmly glued to the kitchen door listening) Jane seems to have remembered that ‘faaamily’ is important and that going along with the police on the Ben theory probably isn’t the brightest idea. She couldn’t live with herself.

I think that maybe she realised that in doing so, also meant she would have to deal with Phil at a later date.  Not the nicest of thoughts.

Ben is still under arrest and Richie is doing her best and planning on having him home in time for dinner.  Harry Reid’s lines were super difficult; it must be hard to figure out how to say “No Comment” 50 times with a different smirk on your face each time it is uttered.  When did he get so cocky?  He even made sure that DCI Marsden knew that he knew that Phil knew—that this was all a ruse to get back at the Mitchell’s after years of letting them slip through her fingers. You with me there?


Jay is beside himself with worry so sends Lola a text and she goes to meet him in the Square.  He’s finally realised that Ben is bad news and no one is gonna have his back if it gets nasty-especially not Phil.  And as you do in Walford, Lola gave him a consolation kiss, or two. 

Elsewhere in the Square, more drama unfolds as Abi and Max have words again and she accuses him of wanting Ben to go down because Daddy-o had just as much motive as Ben did for killing Lucy.  With a daughter like Abi, Max certainly doesn’t need any enemies.  She takes off to the police station-(walking, so that no more animals die- RIP, Tramp) and Carols states the obvious–if Abi tells the police what she just shouted at Max then he’ll be the next one in ‘her majesties service’.

Heeding his sister’s advice for once, Max goes after Abi to offer her a ride.  And who should be standing outside talking immigration when they drive up but Keeble and the new eye witness-who immediately recognises Max.


Keebles claws ALMOST come out when Marsden blows off the fact that their key witness had also placed Jake with Lucy that evening, in favour of continuing the interview with Ben. But she regains her composure as any good cop would and deals with it.

We return to the Beale’s where Ian has discovered that Lucy’s things are missing–and so is Bobby.

After overhearing Jane and Cindy talking, he took Lucy’s things from their hiding place and is headed straight for the police station.

He gets the ‘doof doof’… A ‘doof doof’ that any Walford resident would be proud of.

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Melissa Berry

An EastEnders fan since the very first episode, Melissa has had the privilege to visit the EastEnders set twice (not many fans can say that!) and met many of the cast. She also appeared on EastEnders Revealed: Angie & Me, with Anita Dobson!