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EastEnders Episode Review: July 21st 2015

Since last night I have been wishing I could peek inside Bobby’s head.  I mean, what exactly did he intend to tell the police and what did he think would happen as a result?  Someone needs to take him to a counsellor because I REALLY need to know what he’s thinking!

In tonight’s ep, Ian heads to The Common and sends Cindy to look around the market in search of the missing youngster Bobby.

But he is no where to be found……unless you happen to be in the police station where ever observant Phil spots him with Lucy’s belongings, grabs him by the ear and takes him back home where he confronts Jane.

It isn’t long before the scenes unfold that we have been teased with for the past 24 hours.  Damian, excuse me, Bobby – brandishes a golf club and threatens Phil with such finesse that it would have made any golf pro/hoodlum proud. I’m also pleased to see that the clubs wereno longer gathering dust in the corner. We haven’t seen Ian pick them up since he brought them home! Granted, things have been a bit hectic.

But I digress. Back to the action!

Bobby firmly begins to put Phil in his place by telling him to leave Jane alone, but just as we’re all wondering if the little devil child is going to strike again, Ian comes to the rescue.  I have to admit-I felt a little let down. Anti-climatic….

Marsden and Keeble miss an opportunity when they realise that their next suspect is no longer parked outside the station. At least Abi didn’t get the chance to throw Max under the bus and he is safe —for now! 

Back inside at the water fountain, pardon, the drinks machine, Keeble informs Bryant that the taxi driver has ID’d Max and the one liners continue to roll off everyone’s tongues as Bryant tells the boss lady that he is not entirely sure that you can nail a slime ball.  Keeble isn’t in the mood and tells Marsden what we all know-that her obsession with the Mitchells is clouding her judgement.

We also got a bit of a history lesson which was exciting!  Who knew Ritchie paid her way through law school by being a stripper??!!   Maybe it was her pole dancing skills that made Phil believe she had what it takes…well, never mind.

I don’t seem to remember Marsden smiling so much in the past!  She was almost giddy!  Maybe Dominic Treadwell-Collins and Alex Lamb will also consider another spin off for this autumn–Walfords own version of “Scott & Bailey”. I’d certainly watch!

Meanwhile, Lola and Jay rendezvous in The Arches–in a VW camper van no less!  Nice, comfy 5 star accommodations considering the recent funeral home escapade!  (Speaking of 5 star accommodations–I’ll be looking for Ben’s review in “Nick Advisor” — Musta been one helluva cuppa!)

Jay laments for a ‘proper’ relationship and Lola is game once she hears that he is okay with a mum & kid package deal.  Thank goodness that Jay had protection, because we all know that it really isn’t what’s in Walford’s water that makes babies!

Meanwhile, in the cafe, Diane shares with Tina what living with Ian was like. ‘ Mr Jekyll and Dr……..” Tina sets her straight just before she gets a surprise bunk off from work thanks to Phil when he barges in with Ian to have a chat at the cafe and tells her to close up shop.

I love these rare tender moments with Phil and Ian.  Life long enemies that can come together in a crisis.  Phil is even starting to believe that Ben might have been responsible for Lucy’s death!  Were those tears in Phil’s eyes? Indeedly doodly, they were!

Their heart to heart continues with another “Kathy” mention and Ian wondering if things would have been different if his mum hadn’t died.  Not sure if he is trying to make himself feel better or Phil-when he also tells the hard man  “Whatever Ben has done, he’s still your son.”  Phil has his own wisdom to impart: “Sort your son, Ian, before he turns out like mine.”  Although this sage advice is touching, methinks it has come a bit too late given what we know about Bobby!

Ian returns home and shares a few home truths with Jane. Starting to feel more that a bit overwhelmed, he tells her that If Bobby had taken Lucy’s things to the police the truth would be out.  He realizes that Bobby has changed and may be getting a glimpse of another side to his son.

In the second dramatic cliffhanger of the week; Phil heads back to the police station and it looks like he may be about to drop his own son in it as the ‘doof doof’s’ roll…..

Another fantastic episode by Christopher Reason.  The Drama is definitely back in the Square!

Why does tomorrow have to be Wednesday??

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An EastEnders fan since the very first episode, Melissa has had the privilege to visit the EastEnders set twice (not many fans can say that!) and met many of the cast. She also appeared on EastEnders Revealed: Angie & Me, with Anita Dobson!

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