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Who will move into Number 23?

We sneakily spotted in tonight’s episode that number 23 Albert Square has finally been renovated after Alfie started a fire there, last September! 

*Drag the slider below to see an image from before the fire and now!*


So we’ve now decided to try and work out who will be the new residents of number 23! 


1. Kathy Beale

With her shock return ‘from the dead’ still wowing us from February, we’d be delighted to see the EastEnders legend soon settle down on the Square once again. Where better than the famous number 23 – where Reg Cox was found dead in the first ever episode and Nick Cotton in the same place, 30 years later?



Legendary character in a legendary house?

2. Shirley, Buster, Dean… and Jade?

As we reported this week, these three characters will be asked to move out of Kim’s house. With them being homeless, and a newly renovated house now available on the Square, surely it seems perfect!? Plus, if they manage to gain custody of Jade, this would be a perfect home for them to be able to move into.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 21.24.34

A perfect family home or a disaster waiting to happen?…

3. Aunt Babe

After her shock threat back in May, where she warned Shirley to watch her back, Babe soon departed the Square in her three-wheeler car, but we’ve been promised that she will return later this year. So where better than a house on the Square to keep her eye on the Carter family and plan her revenge!? I’m sure there’s a nice, new kitchen for her to prepare mountains of trifle…


23 Albert Square: Aunt Babe’s new evil lair?!

4. Shabnam and Kush… with Carmel?

The pair are now engaged, soon to be married and Shabnam is almost 6 months pregnant! With the couple now trying to create a happy family for their baby, perhaps living with her father and brother would cause chaos!? Her unstable relationship with Masood is ever-changing so a new home would be the perfect new environment. Maybe Kush’s pushy and interfering mother, Carmel, will try to barge her way in and move in with them too!

Kush, Shabnam, Carmel and the baby

New baby, new home?

5. Claudette 

This character has a growing family on the Square, with her son Vincent and his new daughter, Pearl, and Claudette’s foster daughter, Donna. Not only is her family on the Square, but so is her long-time secret lover, Les Coker. Maybe Claudette would love to move closer to everybody else, and after all, we know that we’ll be getting to know her more as Richard Blackwood (Vincent) has recently said that we’ll begin to see more of her darker side.


Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 21.35.36

A home to unite a family… and to continue an affair?

6. Ben and Abi

After Ben’s recent arrest, he’s far from on talking terms with his dad, Phil Mitchell, and doesn’t look likely to forgive him soon. He’s also determined to convince everybody that he’s a straight man, and ready to settle down with the ‘girl of his dreams’, so maybe he’ll grow up and move out with Abi!

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 21.39.35

A home to prove a point…

7. Keeble and Marsden

Now, we don’t think this one will ever happen but we REALLY want to see it! For the past few weeks, we’ve seen these two strong women fight it out to arrest the murderer of Lucy Beale and we can imagine the arguments if they were living together! Marsden loves to spy on the Mitchell’s and has always been determined to take Phil down, so why not intimidate him and move in across the Square!?

Keeble and Marsden

Policewomen unite?

Now, only time will tell who really does move into number 23… but comment below and tell us who you think will move in!

EastEnders continues tomorrow night (Friday 31st June), on BBC One.

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  • Julie lawsonwood

    How Marsden would be good spy on Mon tchells yes would go down so well .I think billy Mitchell should get it cuz if only Lola stayed in soap little Lexi and may could had better start

  • Eoin O, Malley

    New witnesse Bobby which is when someone who kill her sister he overheard Lucy arguing with a number of people bobby doesn’t think he kill Lucy he was he was get away with murder no Bobby is not the Lucy,s murder case I think bobby was listening at the door when Denise and Lucy fought and he was standing and he saw Lucy,s body I think Bobby is out frame isn’t going to go down for this I think he he is not guilty