Tragedy strikes as Shabnam’s baby is stillborn


Shabnam Masood and Kush Kazemi are to face heartbreak later this year, when her baby is stillborn.

Rakhee Thakrar, who plays Shabnam, said: “All of us working on this story have been committed to telling it truthfully.

“It was a real collaborative process and everyone involved from the crew, production, research, Sands, writers, actors and directors have all been extremely sensitive.

“Knowing the devastating effect stillbirth has on parents and families, it’s hard not to be moved.

“I have been in close contact with Sands throughout this, and spoken to several amazing mothers about their experiences and their beautiful babies who sadly died.

“The emotional generosity of these women was invaluable in playing Shabnam’s story. The filming was inevitably emotional, however everyone involved was focused, sensitive and supportive of one another.”

© BBC / Jack Barnes
© BBC / Jack Barnes

Kush and Shabnam in an upcoming episode of EastEnders.

According to the charity Sands, in 2013 alone 5,700 babies died just before, during or soon after birth.

Bereavement support manager Erica Stewart said: “Stillbirth is not rare. It’s a tragedy that affects thousands of people every year, but the death of a baby is rarely talked about.”

These upsetting scenes are expected to air later this year on BBC One.

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