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Abi Branning actress Lorna Fitzgerald says ‘Abi’s dark-side will continue’


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Abi Branning: Innocence lost?

EastEnders actress Lorna Fitzgerald, who has played Abi Branning for nine years, has hinted that her alter-ego’s sinister side is going nowhere.

Speaking to Inside Soap, the actress said: “The dark side of Abi is set to continue. There is some really good stuff coming up with Max’s murder trial, and you’ll see that Abi really isn’t as nice as she used to be. She is embracing her new role as an honorary Mitchell, and she loves it.”


Lorna (left) as Abi in a recent episode of EastEnders

Fitzgerald also explained that when Abi reported Max, she received a backlash from the public: “When bosses first told me [that Abi would report Max], I thought, ‘Maybe this won’t be too bad and I can still look kind of sweet’. But then I got the scripts and I was like, ‘No, there is nothing sweet about this at all’.

“To be fair, I think that side of her has always been there. People from her own family have left her and since she moved in with the Mitchells she has jumped on their bandwagon.  You wouldn’t believe the amount of hate I have had for dobbing in poor Max! It is quite funny that Abi is saying and doing all these mean things when she couldn’t look more like an angel in her bird-print blouses.”

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