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Matt Di Angelo reportedly extends his EastEnders contract to a year!


Matt Di Angelo, who plays rapist Dean Wicks, has reportedly extended his contract with the flagship BBC One soap for 12 months – meaning Dean Wicks will be sticking around for at least another year.

Talking to WhatsOnTV, Di Angelo said: “I said I would come back for a year, but I wasn’t sure how I would feel after 12 minutes let alone 12 months. I didn’t know if I was going to hate it. Or perhaps I wouldn’t be able to handle the pace. I have spent the last six years doing some nice dramas where we had plenty of time to do the work.

“It turns out that I have had a really good time. It has been nice to have steady work from a financial point of view because it is tough when you are out there and not working. The experience has been so good, I decided to extend my contract for another 12 months.”


When quizzed about whether or not his soap alter-ego will go unpunished, the actor said: “I think that will happen,. I think it is perfectly believable that he got off because there was no evidence, but when you watch a soap, you do want to see the villain lose. Although, when Dean stands at the bar in the Queen Vic, he could very well be standing next to two murderers, people who are having affairs, others who are burying bodies… There are murderers walking around the Square, but for some reason, it seems worse to have a rapist on the loose.

“It is weird how our brains become numb to certain things. I can watch Arnold Schwarzenneger shoot 20 people in a film and not bat an eyelid, but if I see a dog get run over on TV, I will be in bits. I will start crying. I think what makes Dean’s rape so shocking is that it was unexpected. People forget that in the same episode, Shirley was walking around with a handgun and ended up putting a couple of caps into Phil Mitchell.

EastEnders continues Thursday at 7:30pm on BBC One and BBC One HD.

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  • dann

    I dont think u understood his interview answers. he said he was originally coming in for a while but extended longer than he should have and has been around for a 12 month contract. I think hes leaving at christmas