What is Libby’s secret?

Last night, we saw Libby Fox return to the Square to celebrate her birthday with her family! But all wasn’t as it seemed… as we saw her secretly on the phone to Chelsea.

So, what do you think Libby’s secret is!?


1. Is Libby Pregnant?

We may not know much about Libby’s life as she’s no longer a regular in Walford, but for all we know, she could be settled down with a new (or old! Darren?) partner and ready to have a baby. Maybe she’s just ready to tell Denise the news or perhaps she needs her help with the soon-to-be newborn baby? Perhaps Libby’s so nervous to tell her mum as Denise may feel that she’s throwing away her career…

Could a little Squiggle be on its way?

2. Is Libby going to live with Chelsea?

Back in 2010, we saw Chelsea move to Spain to continue her life. So now Libby’s finishing at Oxford, maybe she’s decided that there’s nothing left for her in England and wants to move to Spain too. Surely Denise won’t approve?

Sisters back together?

3. Has Lucas been released from prison?

We all remember Lucas Johnson; the father of Chelsea and Jordan… but also the evil serial killer married to Denise. He killed Trina, Owen, a prostitute named Gemma, and held Denise hostage in a basement while everyone thought she was dead.
After his secrets were finally uncovered, he got sentenced to life imprisonment, but we all know that doesn’t mean much in Walford! (See: Janine, Stacey, Ben…) Perhaps Libby is there to inform and warn Denise.

Killer Lucas?

Could Walford’s killer, Lucas, be released?

Have some other ideas? Let us know in the comments section below!

EastEnders continues tonight (Tuesday 4th August), on BBC One.



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